This is the first book of the three-books series and certainly will be one of the most interesting economic books you will ever read. The topics are interesting because they will affect the way you perceive money and wealth, leading to better personal financial decisions in your life and ultimately decide whether you are going to be rich or not.

The common misconceptions between money and assets are explained thoroughly using several lessons with simple full-colored illustrations. The concept of asset doubling when gold is used as money is also shown and would expose what the gold proponents has been hiding. We also made a simple case of why gold (as assets) cannot be used as money and why simple items (e.g. paper) that do not have intrinsic values are the best money. The case against gold and the beauty of our current form of money continues in Book 2 – Paper Money And The Banking System In Action – Illustrated & Explained.

There are 4 lessons available in Book 1 and three of the lessons are available as video presentations, downloadable in this website, plus a bonus video on an interesting topic not included in the book. To find out about it, get it from our website! ALL ARE FREE!

The book and its accompanying video lessons complement each other to enhance your understanding on the important concepts of wealth, money, assets, assets doubling, gold failure as money, the use of barter for trades and why government is the originator of money, where money first come into being.

So, dig in. We made about 2/3 of the book available to be read here online, or you can download and read the first chapter on your kindle or preview the printed copy (40% is made available at Amazon.com ‘Look Inside’). There are a lot to be learn.

Do not let others fool you. When you understand the concept of money and wealth, it will be easier for you to manage your finance and keep the scammers at bay. Knowledge is power and finally …Don’t Give Up!